Work Packages

PADVA’s research program can be broken down in five tightly interconnected work packages, each structured in different tasks. Such work packages are:

WP1: PROJECT AND KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT. Ensure effective management of the workflow, including administrative tasks and deadline monitoring. Organization of financial and administrative management, set-up and maintenance of communication tools, coordination of knowledge management;

WP2: ACQUISITION. Acquisition of general/personal HRTF and HpTF sets and 3D mesh models; definition of a standard for HRTF/HpTF data and metadata representation;

WP3: SIMULATION. Computer simulations of individual HRTFs using Boundary Element Method (BEM) in order to reproduce the sound pressure at the eardrum of the listener;

WP4: MODELING. Construction of different instances of mixed structural models and individual equalization of headphones for binaural audio rendering;

WP5: EVALUATION. Objective and subjective (listening tests) evaluation of the equalized mixed structural models.


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