PADVA was @ ICSV22 and 42nd AIA meeting

AIA_EricaLast week we were in Florence for two scientific events:

  • the 22nd edition of the International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV22), where Simone presented the invited paper Subjective evaluation of a low-order parametric filter model of the pinna for binaural sound rendering (S. Spagnol, S. Scaiella, M.Geronazzo, F. Avanzini) within the Special Session on Analysis, Perception and Render of 3D Spatial Sound;
  • the 42nd Italian Acoustic Association (AIA) meeting in Pisa where our student Erica Tavazzi presented the paper Discriminazione della distanza relativa tra sorgenti sonore virtuali [Relative distance discrimination of virtual sound sources] (E. Tavazzi, S. Spagnol, F. Avanzini), based on a follow-up of her Bachelor’s work.

Both works were quite well-received by the audience!

Michele Geronazzo won the AIA-“Gino G. Sacerdote” Award

Premio Sacerdote 2015


We are proud to announce that Michele received the “Gino G. Sacerdote” Award from the Acoustical Society of Italy (AIA) for his Ph.D. Thesis “Mixed structural models for 3D audio in virtual environments”.

The award ceremony took place at the 42nd AIA National Convention in Florence, July 17th.

This great news confirms the high-quality research activities of PADVA people.


ICAD in Space

ICAD 2015 @ Graz was a great event!

PADVA contributed successfully to the special topic “ICAD in space” with three scientific contributions:

  • S. Spagnol, and F. Avanzini “Anthropometric Tuning of a Spherical Head Model for Binaural Virtual Acoustics Based on Interaural Level Differences” in Proc. of the 21st  Int. Conf. on Auditory Display (ICAD 2015), Graz, Austria, 2015, pp. 204–209.
  • M. Geronazzo, F. Avanzini, and F. Fontana, “Use of Personalized Binaural Audio and Interactive Distance Cues in an Auditory Goal-Reaching Task” in Proc. of the 21st  Int. Conf. on Auditory Display (ICAD 2015), Graz, Austria, 2015, pp. 73–80.
  • B. Boren, M. Geronazzo, F. Brinkmann, and E. Choueiri, “Coloration Metrics for Headphone Equalization” in Proc. of the 21st  Int. Conf. on Auditory Display (ICAD 2015), Graz, Austria, 2015, pp. 29–34.

Have a look at this link for a complete list of PADVA scientific publications.

Check them out in the ICAD proceedings.


IEEE 2nd VR Workshop on Sonic Interactions for Virtual Environments


We are glad to announce the first official event organized by PADVA: the second IEEE workshop on Sonic Interactions in Virtual Environments (SIVE), satellite event of the IEEE Virtual Reality Conference.

SIVE will take place in Arles, on March 24. The main goal is to increase among the virtual reality community the awareness of the importance of sonic elements when designing virtual environments. SIVE will also discuss how research in other related fields such as film sound theory, product sound design, sound and music computing, game sound design and computer music can inform designers of virtual reality environments. Moreover, SIVE will feature state of the art research on the field of sound for virtual environments.
More information available at the official webpage.

PADVA’s research will also be presented by Federico with the paper

“Evaluating Vertical Localization Performance of 3D Sound Rendering Models with a Perceptual Metric”
by Michele Geronazzo, Andrea Carraro, and Federico Avanzini.

BTDEI HpIR Database: officially in the main SOFA repository

Kemar_akg240 We are proud to announce the inclusion of the BT-DEI HpIR database also in the official SOFA repository, an ever-growing collection of HRTFs, BRIRs, and HpTFs from many research institutions worldwide.

At this link, all BT-DEI HpIRs have been stored and ready to be downloaded in the latest SimpleHeadphoneIR SOFA convention. Accordingly, the “BT-DEI – HpIR Database” webpage has been updated.


“New: Headphone IRs (HpIRs) for over 100 human listeners (ARI and BT-DEI databases)”

For those of you interested in HRTFs, BRIRs, DRIRs, etc.: have a look at the full list of available SOFA datasets!



BTDEI HpIR Database is now on-line for the AES Los Angeles 2014

AES137-600x360The 137th Audio Engineering Society Convention is approaching and a piece of PADVA is flying to Los Angeles with the paper “PHOnA: A Public Dataset of Measured Headphone Transfer Functions” by Braxton Boren, Michele Geronazzo, Piotr Majdak, and Edgar Choueiri. Check the PADVA’s publication page.


SOFA SingleHeadphoneIR-0.1On the occasion of this event, the PADVA project makes publicly available and hosts the BT-DEI HpIR Database which is a database of Headphones Impulse Response (HpIR) measurements for 3 different headphones and up to 24 different subjects, including the KEMAR mannequin with and without large pinnae.

The database includes 10 measurements of headphone impulse responses for each headphones and subject. These measurements were recorded at the entrance of open and blocked ear canal, OEC and BEC respectively, with Soundman OKMII Classic in-ear microphones. All the measurements are stored in bt-dei format v. 0.2 (a Matlab based data format).


Finally, we are proud to announce that the BT-DEI HpIR Database has been part of the PHOnA dataset (Princeton Headphone Open Archive) since July 2014, with the purpose of making the large amounts of existing HpTF data publicly available to researchers worldwide. All measurements are stored in SOFA data format (SimpleHeadphoneIR convention) thanks to the SOFA project and Michele’s contribution for headphone support.