PADVA was @ ICSV22 and 42nd AIA meeting

AIA_EricaLast week we were in Florence for two scientific events:

  • the 22nd edition of the International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV22), where Simone presented the invited paper Subjective evaluation of a low-order parametric filter model of the pinna for binaural sound rendering (S. Spagnol, S. Scaiella, M.Geronazzo, F. Avanzini) within the Special Session on Analysis, Perception and Render of 3D Spatial Sound;
  • the 42nd Italian Acoustic Association (AIA) meeting in Pisa where our student Erica Tavazzi presented the paper Discriminazione della distanza relativa tra sorgenti sonore virtuali [Relative distance discrimination of virtual sound sources] (E. Tavazzi, S. Spagnol, F. Avanzini), based on a follow-up of her Bachelor’s work.

Both works were quite well-received by the audience!

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