IEEE 2nd VR Workshop on Sonic Interactions for Virtual Environments


We are glad to announce the first official event organized by PADVA: the second IEEE workshop on Sonic Interactions in Virtual Environments (SIVE), satellite event of the IEEE Virtual Reality Conference.

SIVE will take place in Arles, on March 24. The main goal is to increase among the virtual reality community the awareness of the importance of sonic elements when designing virtual environments. SIVE will also discuss how research in other related fields such as film sound theory, product sound design, sound and music computing, game sound design and computer music can inform designers of virtual reality environments. Moreover, SIVE will feature state of the art research on the field of sound for virtual environments.
More information available at the official webpage.

PADVA’s research will also be presented by Federico with the paper

“Evaluating Vertical Localization Performance of 3D Sound Rendering Models with a Perceptual Metric”
by Michele Geronazzo, Andrea Carraro, and Federico Avanzini.

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